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Why use Blancodent


  • N 1 Blancodent refills N 1 personalized jars.

  • Blancodent is a concentrated toothpaste, a minimum quantity is enough to carry out a correct teeth washing. To use Blancodent correctly, simply follow the simple steps described in the set.

  • Store the packet of concentrated toothpaste in a dry place without getting it wet.

  • Open the sachet in the dotted corner.

  • Pour the toothpaste into the jar, you can put the Blancodent powder you need for a week or even the whole bag.

  • (The kits include jars of different colors so that each member of the family has his own personal)

How to use

  • Generously dip the toothbrush in the jar, moistening the toothbrush with water at will for the type of abrasiveness for a good and deep cleaning make the Blancodent powder adhere well, then wash the teeth normally from up to down the first time for the upper arch to eliminate the bacteria then carry out the same procedure in reverse to bring the nutrients well under the dentogingival necks and repeat so for the lower arch.

  • After use there will be a reactivating sensation of the gums, this is normal and indicates the toning and absorption action of the product.

How long does 1 sachet last?

Organic toothpaste in powder

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