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The Blancodent Mission

Blancodent's mission is TO REPLACE | TOOTHPASTERS IN TUBE. We are the only ones who clearly state that every oral care product must have an edible formula.


The other toothpastes

If you put the ingredients of your toothpaste tube in the Google search engine you will see that almost all the ingredients have various problems, carcinogens, create hypertension and some studies on mouthwashes and toothpastes say they can cause strokes and heart attacks.


Blancodent is a nourishing toothpaste in powder, pure, natural, 100% edible, which does not use the usual toxic substances found in common toothpastes in tubes: foams, thickeners, fluoride, antibiotics, anesthetics, etc. our research team has patented the treatment of a molecule making it capable of strengthening the teeth.

The ingredients of the other toothpastes

Foaming agents

The foaming agents contained in toothpastes in tubes destroy the fatty membrane of the cells and can create major problems for our health. Structurally, our cells appear as a vessel of water with a small membrane of fat around it. The only thing that destroys the fatty membrane of the cells are the surfactants of the foaming agents also contained in the toothpastes in tubes. Our body is made up of 80% water and if we destroy this fatty membrane in all cells our body would melt like snow in the sun.


Thickeners are not good for you. An example is gluten, many doctors associate it with stroke problems, heart attacks and many other diseases. Let us ask ourselves some questions: "In our body, would something fluid or something dense flow better?". " Does the word circulation tell you something? "," Where does the word thickener come from? ". Do you understand. The thickeners are used to create the paste, the tube is in fact called toothpaste, some of our clients make the joke" do not mix your mouth with pasta uses Blancodent ".


Numerous studies speak of the fluoride contained in toothpastes and classify it as a carcinogen and at certain dosages a poison. Fluorine is absorbed and causes damage especially to the central nervous system, making us unhappy, depressed, inactive and tameable. The nervous system is very important especially for health because it governs all systems of the body, so it must stay awake and toned. || nervous system is the emanation point of all anatomical impulses, therefore it is vital to protect our health more than anything else.

Blancodent is antacid

The first thing that should be written on a toothpaste is if it is alkaline / anti-acid but they do not write it, indeed we say that if it does not say alkaline on a toothpaste do not buy it. We at Blancodent, on the other hand, are very concerned about it, in fact Blancodent is alkaline because the bacteria that cause tartar and caries proliferate in acidic environments. So it is essential for us that our product is antacid. All studies show that cancer cells live and proliferate in acidic environments and that most inflammation and disease have to do with an acidic cellular environment. The acidic environment is an impediment to cellular oxygenation. It is a sensation that can be perceived easily. We are happy to hear from those who use Blancodent that they feel fresh and oxygenated because they obviously have more oxygenated cells. There is no reason in the world to use toothpaste in a tube, Blancodent with its patent of Sublimated Bicarbonate cleans, nourishes, strengthens and protects the teeth 10 times more than the tube and is used 4-5 times faster, as you will see. in several videos on the internet, so there is no reason in the world to continue using the tube.

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bicarbonato sublimato

The sublimated bicarbonate

Sublimated Bicarbonate (Blancodent patent) is to dental health like pure water to a thirsty person. The two keywords are SUBLIMATE and PURE. Nobel laureate Louis Pasteur said: "We drink 90% of our diseases if the water is not pure". In fact, he observed that the mortality rate decreased as a function of the purity of the water. Same thing for bicarbonate, very useful for oral hygiene only if "purified".

Baking soda has small, very penetrating tips that are fixed only in the point where you apply it and in that point it creates irritation to the gums. Unfortunately, where there is irritation there is a greater aggression of batteries resulting in caries. Blancodent has patented a system to sublimate the bicarbonate with a friction process that has eliminated the harmful tips and made it absorbent. Now you can use them at will.

Our products

Replace your tube toothpaste

"I have been using Blancodent for about 16 years, in the first period it was only because I wanted whiter teeth: later I realized that BLANCODENT had solved a problem of dental stability because it is the only product that I could use on the dental-gingival necks to eliminate bacteria that unbeknownst to me, according to the dentist, widened the gums and destabilized the teeth. "

Antonietta C.

"I've never had big problems with my teeth because I've always had good oral hygiene, but I've always had big problems eating such as apples or raw vegetables (which I love). My problem stemmed from the fact that I had strong teeth but gums easily irritable. with the use of BLANCODENT this problem has improved more and more and now I eat everything safely. "

Giuseppe S.

"I had a tendency to have yellow teeth because I am a smoker, since using BLANCODENT I have solved this problem and I can smile calmly without fear of showing my teeth." 

Francesca S.


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